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Who We Are

Simera Consulting offers contract CFO and accounting services to clients in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. 

Simera Consulting provides day-to-day support at every level. It also brings extensive experience in financial business planning, as well as acquisition strategy and transition support.


Simera Consulting is run by Sophia Schroeder. Sophia has been offering contract CFO, contract accounting and contract project management services for more than 12 years and has been excited to work alongside entrepreneurs in Manitoba.  

"I love mentoring businesses and providing support in areas that are hard to manage.  I look at every new problem as a challenge to be understood, evaluated and eventually resolved."



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Our Mission

To provide a range of exceptional financial services to businesses at any stage.

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Our Vision

To ensure that all business (no matter the size) have access to experienced professional financial management. We do this by focusing on your individual business needs and your own vision for growth.

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What’s the Best Thing About Us?

We have been working hard and smart to fulfill the needs of each business for 10 years. On top of that, we have been maintaining harmonious relationships with our clients and at the same time, learning from them over time.

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Sophia K Schroeder, CPA, CGA

Simera Consulting

Winnipeg, Canada

Phone: + 1 204 960 6308

Email: [email protected]